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What happens during a Reiki treatment?

During your Reiki treatment you'll remain fully dressed, removing only your shoes and watch. You’ll also need to loosen any restrictive clothing if necessary. Any restrictions to the body will interfere with the flow of energy during the treatment, therefore it's best to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing for your appointment.

You'll be lying on your back on a padded massage table for most of the treatment with a pillow under your knees and head for support and comfort. I'll have soothing music playing softly in the background and the lights down low. Because Reiki can lower body temperature during a treatment I'll offer you a blanket for warmth. Before we begin I’ll take you through some breathing techniques that will help you to relax so that you can gain more out of your treatment. Conversation during a treatment is not encouraged, although you may feel free to ask me questions at anytime during the treatment if you feel the need.

All you need to do throughout the treatment is close your eyes and allow yourself to relax while I place my hands in various positions on or just above your body, allowing the Reiki energy to flow from my hands to you. During the treatment you may experience different sensations throughout your body such as a tingling, or warmth or even a vibration. Or you may feel nothing at all! Everyone's experience is unique.

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What does Reiki feel like?                                                                                              

Once the Reiki energy begins to flow from my hands into you it will go wherever it is needed, whether on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, addressing any imbalances or challenges you may be experiencing in any of these areas. It's not possible to predict what will occur during a treatment, where the energy will go or the outcome of a treatment. It's not unusual for you to experience any number of sensations during the treatment, such as tingling in any part of your body, or increased warmth, a sense of deep relaxation, floating, or even to sense or 'see' colours, symbols or images. Some may experience emotional responses while receiving a Reiki treatment.

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Emotional responses during Reiki
Because the Reiki energy goes wherever it is needed, in some cases this can mean bringing to the surface ‘buried’ memories, which could create an emotional response. This is not unusual and although may cause you concern, it is nothing to be alarmed about if this occurs and will not cause you harm in any way. The Reiki is assisting you to release old emotions associated with those particular buried memories that may not serve you anymore and bringing them forth in order for you to release them within an environment of complete safety. The emotional response is known as a healing reaction and is the body's way of releasing old stale energy, and the symptoms are usually short lived.

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At the close of your treatment                                                                                              

You'll probably feel very drowsy straight after your treatment so you'll need to take it easy when getting up off the table. I'll offer you a drink of water, which will aid re-hydration after the session and help you to regain your balance. After the treatment we'll have an opportunity to discuss our individual experiences during your treatment.  Of course you don't have to feel obligated to do so, if you choose not to discuss your experience. 

Should you continue to feel too drowsy to leave after the treatment, let me know. It's advisable to wait until your energy levels lift sufficiently before you leave, particularly if you have driven to your appointment.

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How can I expect to feel after a treatment?                                                                                    

Most people experience a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of peacefulness after a Reiki treatment
which can last up to several days. Other benefits are more specific to the individual and may include any number of the following after receiving a treatment:  a sense of well-being, calmness, mental clarity, balance, stress reduction, increased energy levels, joy, pain relief, centredness and noticeably increased levels of vitality. The benefits can be felt on an emotional, spiritual or physical level. Sometimes after a treatment or during a course of treatments the person receiving the treatment begins to detoxify. The person may experience diarrhea, smelly or dark green stools, increased urination, body odour, runny nose, cold symptoms, headache or excessive perspiration. This is the body releasing toxins and should be supported rather than suppressed with medications. A detox usually only lasts a few days and during this time, despite the symptoms the person usually feels quite well. During this time its best to drink lots of fresh water and eat lightly while the body cleanses. If this happens to you, once the detox symptoms have passed you'll probably feel better than you've felt in a long time.

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How many treatments will I need?       

Ultimately, the answer to this question is up to you. Everyone heals at a different rate and healing will vary enormously from person to person. Some may heal very quickly, whereas others with chronic long term issues may take longer to heal. If you have a specific area that you wish to work on or a health issue then it is recommended that you book a course of 3 weekly one hour appointments to begin with. The healing effects of Reiki treatments build upon one another when they are given close together and the cumulative effect helps to produce long term beneficial changes for you on many levels.

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