Reiki throughout your pregnancy

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The benefits of Reiki treatments during pregnancy

The benefits of receiving Reiki treatments for both mother and baby throughout pregnancy are countless.

The soothing Reiki energy helps to reduce stress and anxiety while providing emotional calm as well as physical support, particularly for new mums-to-be. Early in pregnancy Reiki treatments can assist to relieve exhaustion, morning sickness and nausea.  

Beyond the first four months of pregnancy, Reiki is used to relieve some of the physical and emotional stress associated with the rapidly changing body and hormone fluctuations. Regular Reiki treatments throughout pregnancy can also improve the quality of sleep especially during late pregnancy when it’s hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. In addition Reiki provides relief to sore muscles and other discomforts throughout pregnancy, such as swollen joints, back ache and edema. 

Reiki treatments have also been shown to assist with labour pain and the shortening of delivery time.

After the baby is born, continued Reiki sessions have proven to be very beneficial in reducing the effects of post-partum depression and the transition of mother-child bonding. Babies seem to be calmer, sleep better, have reduced instances of colic, and enhanced motor activity. Reiki is completely safe to use during all stages of pregnancy from conception to birth and can be beneficial for restoring balance.