Benefits of Reiki for your baby

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The benefits of Reiki for your baby

Reiki is one of the more popular energy therapies used on babies and children. Its gentle approach is non-threatening and its effects leave them calm and feeling nurtured. It is very safe and gentle.

Because babies are more sensitive and receptive to Reiki energy than adults they respond readily to Reiki.

The Reiki energy can be wonderful for calming babies who suffer from colic, often dispersing the painful effects within minutes. It's very soothing for them.

Babies who suffer from reflux also respond particularly well to Reiki. For inconsolable, hard to settle babies Reiki can help calm and assist better sleep so that with each treatment they sleep better, cry less and are generally much happier in themselves.

Many mothers say that after receiving Reiki their babies are more settled, sleep better and are easier to look after. If you've never experienced Reiki, give it a try. Then see for yourself what it might offer you and your baby.