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What's involved in a Reiki treatment?     

Before I begin a treatment I'll spend time with you asking specific questions about your animal, gathering details and finding out more about the reason treatment has been requested. We'll have a brief discussion about how the treatment will proceed and I'll let you know what to expect throughout the treatment. It's not necessary for you to be present during the treatment, although most animals prefer their human companions to stay close at hand while a treatment is in progress for reassurance .

It's not necessary to restrain your animal during the treatment however you may feel free to have your horse on a halter and lead rope. Horses can receive a treatment while loose in a stable, yard or paddock.

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How long does a treatment take?                                                                                              

I'll aim to offer your animal a 60 minute treatment, however, animals tend to end the treatment when they’ve received what they need, and this can vary with each treatment. From my previous experience working with animals, this could be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours! I generally finish the treatment when your animal decides.

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Where do treatments take place?
I prefer to treat animals in their own environment, preferably in a peaceful area away from noise or activity if possible but treatments can take place  anywhere your animal is, which could be either your property or competition location. In the case of horses, treatments can take place in a stable, yard or paddock and I can even treat your horse in a float if necessary. Some animals prefer to receive Reiki from a distance, some prefer hands on healing treatments. They will let me know once I begin the treatment.

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What conditions can Reiki treat?                                                                                              

Reiki is highly beneficial for enhancing relaxation and reducing stress in animals, as well as improving flexibility and balance. It can be utilised as a treatment for a wide range of health conditions as well as behavioural and performance issues. Reiki helps speed recovery after illness or injury and can also provide pain relief as well as easing depression, which can occur for example after losing a mate or after the loss of a foal.

Reiki can be utilised for a variety of health and emotional issues including (but not limited to): 

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How will I know Reiki is working?                                                                                    

Generally animals become very relaxed while receiving Reiki and not unusual for them to take a 'Reiki nap' during a treatment. In horses its very common to see a number of tell tale signs such as a lowering of the head, droopy or closed eyelids, resting a hind leg, licking and chewing, urinating, passing wind or droppings and yawning constantly. Sometimes a horse may become so relaxed that he or she may lie down and enjoy a 'Reiki nap' during the treatment. Some animals turn their bodies throughout the treatment so they can position themselves better if they prefer my hands on a particular area. I have even heard horses, cats and dogs snoring throughout treatments! When they've received what they need, animals simply get up, have a shake and move away!

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How soon can I see results?                                                                                    

In some cases, one or two treatments can bring swift results and be all that is needed; in other cases, such as in chronic illness, or long standing conditions, several treatments may be required to improve health. It’s generally recommended that healing treatments be carried out over a number of consecutive days initially, followed by weekly or fortnightly treatments as necessary.            

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Will Reiki interfere with vet treatments?        

There are no negative side effects with Reiki.

As a complementary therapy Reiki safely supports all other holistic healing modalities, including Western medicine, and will complement any veterinary care your animal may be receiving. Reiki may also be utilised if you’d like to try a more natural approach to improving your animal’s health, or when your animal hasn’t responded to other treatments.

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